“It's the most awesome security training product I have ever come across. The gamified platform delivers training in an effective and engaging way and developers really like using it. It covers a lot of the platforms and technology stacks we use and more.”
Application Security Manager, Banking & Finance
“Secure Code Warrior trains developers to write secure code from the start, which means organizations and security personnel no longer have to play a frantic, time-consuming, and expensive game of catch up.”
Editor, HostingAdvice
“A lot of our developers find that they're using it for an extended period of time without even noticing. The training versus hands-on part is really well balanced.”
Director - IT Applications and Systems Security, Telecommunications
“Secure Code Warrior helps us assess the current state of our developers’ secure coding competency. The training is intuitive and interactive and provides opportunities to train and upskill developers. As you progress, the tests become harder, so you can start as a beginner and become an expert in secure code practices.”
CIO, Retail
“Secure Code Warrior is another layer in our defensive strategy. Alongside our ongoing external and internal penetration testing, static source code review and automated code reviews, Secure Code Warrior provides our frontline, which empowers developers to understand secure coding before they put their hands on the keyboard.”
Senior Manager, Business Technology, Healthcare
“Secure Code Warrior provides a lot of flexibility in terms of how we deliver and we get good insight into how developers are tracking, including statistics on their strengths and weaknesses.”
Information Security Specialist, Banking & Finance
“Secure Code Warrior has enabled us to train our developers in secure code practices, across multiple languages and also when we are procuring vendors, we use Secure Code Warrior to assess them and determine what extent they will be allowed to code and interface with us.”
CISO, Technology